Black Bart

Black Bart O Rennie (Bart)
Height 13" Weight 12 lbs.

Bart was my first poodle many years ago. Although he is no longer with us, I will always continue with his lineage. Always very sensitive, always soulful. I will always regard him with such love. Anyone who has a "bart puppy" will tell you, The connection is in the soul.


Sherfame's Red Hot Rebel
Height 12" Weight 9.5lbs.
Rebel, or as my son calls him: "Red Bull" is the sweetest boy. He is very loving and gentle, and has very dark red babies. He is the son of a champion, and has a wonderful temperment. Rebel is a small miniature, but has both small and large puppies. His puppies are always very bright and learn quickly.

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Shore's Red Rico Suave'
Height 14.5 Weight 14 lbs.

Rico has gotten super dark red. He has a confident and outgoing personality. When we have visitors to our home, he is a showoff with his super rich thick coat. He is the son of a champion, (CH Shore's Yosemite Sam) and has an impressive pedigree. We are really excited to have puppies from him.

Some of our puppies that are Available

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