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Are you searching for a Miniature poodle puppy for sale? Are you searching for a red miniature or toy poodle puppy for sale? Are you trying to locate a top breeder of red, apricot, brown or black miniature poodles? Is your goal to find a breeder of high quality and healthy red miniature poodles located in California?

On the Internet today, miniature poodle breeders, toy poodle breeders, and show quality poodle breeders are definitely making their existence known. So how do you know which one is best?

Your chances of finding a high quality puppy improve somewhat if the puppy registration is with the American Kennel Club,AKC, but perhaps more specifically the United Kennel Club, UKC.

A five-generation pedigree is provided with every one of our puppies. On that pedigree, the champions in the background of that puppy will tell a lot and the more champions improve the chance that your puppy is of very high quality. Also we believe our warranty can provide the margin of comfort you need in making your selection!

Our website may help you locate that puppy that becomes the poodle champion of at least your family. We can say that because there are so many people that can tell you about how we do business, and that includes a host of satisfied customers as well as all of the veterinarians that have helped us maintain the health of our little friends

If you are looking for a red miniature poodle breeder located near San Diego, California, you have come to the right place.

Please take the time to view the photos of our lovely red poodles and contact us to find out about the availability of red miniature or toy puppies.