About Us

We are located North of San Diego, California. Our family shares our home with five beautiful miniature poodles.

Our focus is on developing the best temperament possible, while each puppy offers a unique personality. Poodles are a highly affectionate breed, and intelligence means they are easy to train. With more than 20 years of experience raising poodles, we work one on one with each client to make the best match possible.

We plan each litter far in advance to be sure each puppy gets 100% of our attention. We share specific insight with each client to ensure preparedness.
Specializing in red poodles, we occasionally have black puppies as well.

We offer a five year health guarantee to provide peace of mind.

The miniature size ranges from 10-15 inches tall to the shoulder. With an average of 13-14 inches, weight varies depending on build.

Whether you love a classic poodle look with a shaved face, or enjoy a teddy bear appearance; you’ll find we offer not only beauty, but fabulous temperaments as well.

West Coast Poodles